High Class

CW10: The High Class World

Hello world, due to Ms. Gaine’s kind permission and a slight misunderstanding of the prompt, I’ve written about a chance meeting of all the members of the High Class. Since I have never met any of you and judge you all mostly off of your writings and voices, I don’t doubt that I have gotten some (if not all) your personalities wrong. I tried to steer clear of giving these characters too keen of personality quirks for this reason. Sorry if I have inadvertently misinterpreted anyone’s writings or personality. I really would love to meet all of you in person someday as long as Nathan and Elena leave their wyverns behind. 

Ms. Gaines, Empress of the establishment, sits atop her ivory throne. With a serene smile, she surveys the scene laid out before her. Always, she sits, majestic and just, watching, searching, waiting for any moment in which she can bestow a compliment on any worthy fellow or exhort a student to higher achievements.  None can boast as kind a heart as she. Before her spreads a diverse scene: A room? A castle? A distant land? What to call that which spreads before her? A place foreign to all not enrolled in the High Class.

IMG_2265 (1)

Rachel’s Hobbit Hole

In a corner gapes the round mouth of a quaint hobbit hole. The proud owner, Rachel, sits within, scribbling away at future classics by the light of a dozen candles while Katie Scarlett offers suggestions. Just inside the round little door, sits a pair of muddy track shoes ready to finish the race and at the back of a hall hangs a wise old mirror, heavy with a thousand secrets.

A small child clutching a large ruby on a silver chain whimpers from a closet. Allison cracks the door open slightly, “Hush, Aureala,” she coons. “Your mother loves you. You must never forget her.” Gently, she runs her hands through the girl’s wavy blonde hair, soothing her, “Shhhh, It’s going to be alright. You must take care of your father now.”

“Is she okay? What exactly is happening?” Queries Anna peering over Allison’s shoulder, concern in her voice.

“I can’t tell,” responds Allison as she gently closes the closet door on a sleepy Aureala. “This is only the introduction. You’ll have to wait to discover what happens.”

“Anna! Her Ladyship, Catherine DeBourgh, is most upset that you have kept her waiting. I’m afraid Anne will swoon if you don’t make haste,” calls a young girl wearing an Empress Waist dress.

Anna picks up her own long skirts and turns hastily to address Catherine DeBourgh, “Sorry, Ma’am. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

The Nest

The Nest

“That’s ‘Your Ladyship’ to you,” Lady Debourgh sniffs arrogantly. “Come along then, Anne and Lydia. We mustn’t be late for Murray’s football game.”

Lydia giggles and the four set out for The Nest where a knight in armour meets them, “Greetings fair dames,” he exclaims bowing profusely. “I am the honourable Don Quixote and this,” he gestured to a man by his side, “is my noble squire. Now, excuse us, ladies. We’ve giants to battle!”

“I’m really just his neighbor,” grins the ‘noble squire’ before trotting after his knightly master.


     In another corner of the High Class world, Elena, Nathan, and Shaden stand before a cave entrance. On one side looms a giant sphinx

Elena's Sphinx

Elena’s Sphinx

staring mysteriously off into distant lands, and on the other side sits the Millennium Falcon, waiting to convey Nathan home.

“…but the first wyvern will just be a baby and its mother will show up in a bit,” decides Nathan.

“Wait, so you’re saying that huge monster I just fought was only the child of the real thing?” Exclaims Shaden impetuously.

“Shaden, go sit in the cave,” orders Elena intent on the plot spread before her.

“Fine then,” sulks Shaden crossing his arms but obeying. “It’s only my life you’re writing,” he murmurs.

“Shaden won’t be the one to actually kill the adult wyvern,” resolves Nathan. “There should be something else…”

“A giant rainbow pours out of the cave and swallows it up!” jokes Elena.

“A giant what?” Exclaims Shaden from within the cave.

“‘Ello guys,” calls Michael above their heads where he clings to the steep cliff face. “Don’t mind me. Just climbing this sand slope. There’s a couple of guys trying to burn me on account of this rap I wrote and a few others after me because I won’t tell them who Jana is. If anyone asks, tell them I’m playing soccer with April or something.”

“That must’ve been some rap,” comments Nathan as Michael continues to scale the perilous sand slope.

“Who’s Jana?” asks Shaden.

Both Nathan and Elena turn to him and say in unison, “Nobody knows!”

Over in the Shire, a large commotion draws Rachel from her Hobbit hole to fine Abigail (without a helmet) careening wildly on Duke, a bull hot on their trail. Rachel sighs, “All I can say is, that girl is Non Sine Periculo.”

Squirrel sidles up to Rachel. “Tifty tut!” She agrees. She leaps aside with agility as a soccer ball bounces up and a gothic looking girl in Mercurials joins them. “Tifty tifty tut!” She remarks disapprovingly.

April? Is that you behind all that black make-up?” Gasps Rachel.

April giggles, “Yes, I was just at the mall.” She looks up at the sky, “It looks like it’s going to be a blue night,” she observes. “Maybe we should join Seth’s exploration. They’re going to go see the premier of the first Star Wars film.”


     In the midst of an enormous stage, a girl in ballet shoes orders people and props around. Her slender form and athletic air loudly proclaim her passion as a dancer.

“What’s playin’ tonight, Sis’ Sara?” Queries Sis Cow accompanied by Maddy as they mosey onstage.

“We’re performing Wicked,” answers Sara giving Sis Cow’s not-so-clean hooves a dubious look.

“We would love to stick around and watch, but we have to help the pregnant mother with eyes as black as night re-gather her kids from the Chik-fil-a playground,” says Maddy. “Come along, Sis Cow.”

Sis cows turns, contentedly chewing her cud. “See ya around Sis’ Sara,” she calls over her shoulder.


The Gate

The Gate

Outside the gate to the High Class world, a little boy sits on the curb of a Ukrainian street. His big brown eyes solemnly watching the passersby and his large heart aching for someone to love him. Suddenly, the gatekeeper approaches and holds out a welcoming hand. “Would you like to join the High Class World?” Jacob asks.

The boy looks at him out of his large, round eyes and smiles. “Yes,” he nearly whispers.

Taking out a large ring of keys, the gatekeeper stares thoughtfully for a minute, then, “I know exactly where to take you. Selecting a large brass key, he inserts it into the gaping keyhole. A subtle twist and of the key and creaking of the massive wooden doors later, the boy is swept off his feet by a surge of vibrant creativity.

Peering into the bright light, the boy distinguishes a figure approaching. “Welcome,” says Elise. “We live creatively around here…so dream big, and dream lots!”

For hours the boy explores the forest where Mouse lives in the trunk of an oak and hides from, “Mean ol’ Mister Mole.” Finally, the gatekeeper returns to show him other corners of the High Class world.

“Five more minutes! Five more minutes please! Let me stay five minutes more!” Begs the boy.

Jacob chuckles. “If you like, you may finish that castle you’re building on the floor. This isn’t all there is though. The High Class realm stretches far! Farther than the eye can reach. All containing it are the walls of the imagination and the creativity of the High Class.


  1. Kaytee, this is just completely and utterly amazing! You have done a phenomenal job incorporating not only all of us into a story, but also our stories as well. I love the way you allude to imagination and our creative writing class as boundless and magical. In this land of High Class there is no limitation to what you might find. Even a hobbit scribbling the day away in her cozy hobbit hole. ; ]
    This is truly a great piece of work and I can tell you will be an amazing author someday. You have highest esteem. =]

  2. Kaytee! Oh. My. Goodness. This is fantastic! When you read this in class, the biggest smile crept over my face, and it didn’t go away for a very long time. You artfully incorporated all our blogs and stories into this fanciful tale in very clever ways. I feel like every line was loaded with a clever reference to our class. I am VERY impressed. And you also got me and Nathan writing the story perfectly. That’s very nearly what happened when we were actually writing it! In short, I loved this. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Kaytee, this post is a real treasure! Excellent job casting each of your classmates, including key phrases and writing snippets. You’re certainly very creative!
    So glad you shared this post in class!
    Anna B.

    1. Thanks so much, Anna. It was a pleasure writing about all you guys. I have an inkling that if I we really did all meet, it wouldn’t be much different than what I’ve written here.

      ~Kaytee Green

  4. This was the best! Ohmygoodness, I still can’t get over how good it is. This is like my favorite post ever!! :) This is just, amazing. I don’t know what to say. It’s great, I love it, and I don’t think I could have done anywhere near as good a job if I tried this. :) :) :)

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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